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In 1979, Harv and Jan Paulson opened their travel service. Paulson Travel Service and PTS Tours were launched at the same time. Being part gypsy, Harv wanted to help people experience what the entire world has to offer, up close and personal. Call us now to get a FREE brochure about upcoming tours. From vacation to overseas trip packages, we have you covered.
PTS Tours

A Family-Owned and Operated Company

After Harv passed away in 1991, his son, Erik, took over the group travel business. Erik and his wife, Tam, still carry the same vision of Harv and Jan as they take on a new generation of clients around the world.
PTS Tours

Make Your Holiday Memorable With PTS Tours

Travel with your loved ones and our group of friendly professionals to the edges of our beautiful planet. Learn more about our mystery tours, rail adventures, day trips, cruises, and motor coach trips today.
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